Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Movie Tuesday - UPDATED

When I posted this on Tuesday my comments about the film didn't make it, not sure what I did wrong, but a lovely happenstance  because my options have changed. So often when we see a good film I recommend that you rush out and see it, not so much the case with this one. IT IS THAT GOOD!, and will be everywhere in the coming awards season, but not sure it is for everyone.

This movie is sticking with me like so very few have. See the Marvel superhero save the world, eat the pop corn, wait until the next Marvel superhero saves the world/ dinosaur /space adventure... you get my point. This is a movie about very poor people living in the Liberty City neighbor hood or Miami as the crack epidemic lands on them, not something you think could stretch into a broad universal movie - and yet I totally saw myself in this film. Genius on the original play write and the makers of this film.

" Gayness as an issue ", something that sets us apart from the whole - no matter what environment that we grow up in. I dont want to give any spoilers at all incase you do see this wonderful little movie - but go at it with an open mind. A lot of it is hard to watch, life is not so easy being a little African American gay boy with a crack ho mama. Film that with some compassion, make these card board cutouts flesh and blood. Good and bad tossed out the window. Masculine affection ,complex on any level in our culture, even harder in the " no homo " world of black America.

Im not doing a good job at describing this film , but if you have a bit of an " artsy streak " try it out. Like I said, it will be atop so many best films of the year.

PBS NEWSHOUR take on the film.

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