Monday, March 5, 2012

This is not my beautiful house...

I generally spare yall from this sort of thing.
The k+b is all about the goodness and light, except when I am on some rant. But, this is the sort of thing that every gay man in America is confronted with every single day.
Remember the homecoming welcome between between Marine Sgt. Brandon Morgan and his boyfriend Dalan Wells ? We covered it here on February 28th.
As lovely and heart warming a photo as you will find.
Well this is how the right wing views the photo:
(from JMG )

Homosexual Marine Kisses ‘Gay’ Male Lover at Family Homecoming Celebration

 March 5th, 2012 We’ve slightly blocked this indecent photo of a homosexual Marine kissing his “gay” male lover during a homecoming celebration. [See an NPR puff-piece on the twisted kiss HERE.] LGBT activists and pro-homosexuality liberals consider this “progressive,” but truly it represents the moral decline of America, which — as someone smart (not de Tocqueville) once said — will cease to be good if it ceases to be great. (And please don’t pretend that this is no worse than some inappropriate heterosexual “Public Display of Affection.”) Homosexual conduct is the opposite of good. It is unnatural and a sin against God, who lovingly established boundaries for mankind. Now, military moms and dads and relatives who bring their children to homecomings will be forced to explain this disgusting homosexual misbehavior to their kids. (Note the young child at the right in this photo.) How tragic it is that due to media bias and political correctness, President Obama’s homosexualization of the American military has hardly been an issue in this year’s presidential primary. — Peter LaBarbera

This guy is a go to NOM/Catholic/ etc guy with somewhat of a following, often quoted in their stances against us. You dont need to know that much about him. Note the little teeny tiny blocked out part ?!?
I don't play the victim card often, because I don't feel that I am one. But in most your day to day lives you are never confronted with people that hate you , just for  being. The fact that you exist is reason to hate you, reason to deny you rights, reason to see you in prison, reason to see you dead.
Yes, things are much better than they have ever been for glbt (iqa) Americans, and seem to be on an arc to get much better, but there are powerful and WELL FINANCED forces that are working against  us, every single day....
Now, back to the Glee rerun !

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