Saturday, March 29, 2014

Old Man Winter.. that Old Man Winter....

 Will NOT go quietly into that good night , no sir-ree, he is in for the long haul here .....
 Early in the week the tv weather folk were all, " we are dodging the bullet on this one " bit storm coming but going to stay south.... till last night when it all changed -
To big storm a comin' to Mendon!
This is just sideways blowing ice and snow and all sorts of face stinging things

Even as it was happening they were getting it wrong, telling me that it was raining in the finger lakes when we were getting the full brunt of some early spring THUNDER SLEET. A few inches of ice pellets covered over by , at this writing about, 4 inches of snow... who knows how much it will be by morning.
Not a fit night out for man nor beast!

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Homer said...

Meanwhile, I sweated yesterday at the dig.