Monday, February 6, 2012

The National Madonna Concert

and the pre and post concert football game.
The annual gathering at Dahn and Davids for 

pretty basic pre game snacks, 
the yankees did not like the w-b fruit dip
won't be doing that one again.
Toebie and laser eyed Kiara 
guard the food

Dahn made this tdf! buffalo chicken dip thing,
with a great twist of celery in the dip itself, very very tasty!
Pulled pork, half chickens, KILLER! beef brisket
also those beans that I like so much, salt potatoes, slaw and cornbread.
Wegman's Cake
( and this whole thing was eaten )
I'm not sure who brought this, but it was so very good.
A , sort of thin layer of cream cheese, then carmel sauce with Heath Bar;
served with granny smiths. This went fast and was just yummy!
child soup 
There were lots ( and lots ) of kiddies there, but with a big ass pool, you never know the little darlings are there.
These were soaked in grain or LSD or vodka 
or something. Had a mule of a kick!  Eaten at
Giants touchdowns
just a photo of Koda

The weather was good, the crowd was nice, the football game itself was enjoyable. ( HOTTY TODDY! ) A lovely time was had by all!

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