Saturday, June 25, 2016


For a whole bunch of different reasons, the main one being it was COLD for a good part of the early baseball season - this was our first game of the year! A good way to kick off for us : having the swanky parking!
Our pal Jack is in town and so we get to use his " on the board of the Redwings " perks!
A very nice Saturday afternoon so a BIG crowd - one of the biggest I have seen, may have even been a sell out. It was also some sort of little league day, they all paraded around before the game - including some of the little guys from our back yard.
Happy New Year
( late )
Neil with his first Muck Dog of the year and our pal Larissa 
It really was just a perfect day

One of the many joys of Minor League Baseball - chucking water balloons at kids with colanders glued to their heads. God Bless America, indeed.
Kodak still reigns here at Frontier Field!

Wings ended up losing the game by a single run, but other than that it was a great day/night!

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