Thursday, June 30, 2016

1968 - and nothing would ever be the same

Wasting away in a little along time Netflix and chill - I came across this - and got lost in a couple of hours of just mind blowing film making. I was six, so this was all , other than what I have read, news to me. This was the year that really did change everything, the world blew up and had to be scotch tapped back together. Part of what just knocked me for a loop right off the bat was the statement that in 1968, television news was THE MOST TRUSTED institution in the country.

If you have ANY recollection of this , watch it. If you have the tiniest bit of political geek in you , watch this - if you just want to see two high class queens going at it tooth and nail, watch this.

Part of what makes it all so amazingliy fascinating , other than the dozens of direct parallels to the current election , is coming to this film from 2016, when we know what is going to happen, these folks do not.

Yes, that is a BLUE Texas and a RED California 

( four years from now was even worse )

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