Wednesday, June 22, 2016


In this new technology age the old adage of " don't pick fight with folks that buy ink by the barrel " is a bit moot. BUT, I think that the new rule to live by is " don't pick a fight with Congressman John Lewis if he can in any way sing " We Shall Over Come "


What a crazy and out of the blue day this was in the House today!.

I really did not pay that much attention this morning or early afternoon as I was out and about doing things, but as the day wore on and this sit in grew and grew - I was just glued! WHAT was going to happen when Speaker Ryan came back in the chamber!?! ... This sort of things does not happen in Washington!  The rules junkie in me or lets go with protocol fan that I am - is a bit upset by chucking decorum out the window. ( what is going to stop the guy nuts or abortion nuts from doing the same thing) The JOHN LEWIS fan boy thought this was the very best move ever !

The GOP cuts off CSPAN so the Democrats just go with like a Facebook live - and took the entire country with them!

And we thought all the political excitement would be in the UK today!

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