Thursday, January 19, 2017


The night before Bill Clinton took the oath to become POTUS. The MTV Ball - concert before the big night. There was hope in the air, way way before there was hope on that poster.

Its very late Wednesday night / Thursday morning . I'm putting off going to bed - who wants it to be tomorrow, who wants the countdown clock that is on CNN and MSNBC. Dread is very not new to me.. but dread on this scale is.

I could be all the wrong. We could be all the wrong... " nothing really changes in Washington " , and for a lot of things that is true. Eight years ago tonight the Democrats were sitting with both houses with the extra bonus of 60+ Senators. The GOP was gone for a generation , if they were ever coming back. President Obama did not get all that he wanted with that.. so things are not, I am guessing as dark as they seem.

But for the next 48 hours... it certainly does seem that way.

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