Sunday, January 15, 2017


Just in time for the depths of winter, good old Sunday Night TV is back with us. 
An ending and a couple of beginnings.


Maybe the last one ever of this quirky little story - that in the past, I have really enjoyed.
But the writers Steven Moffat ( of Dr Who fame ) and Mark Gatiss ( Mycroff on the show ) sort of took us down some dark dark rabbit holes this go round, that ... well, were just not that enjoyable.
It is almost like Moffat is shaking off some Dr Who lightness by just going for the worst humans in the world for Sherlock. Plus the show tonight , the finale, just made ZERO sense, going almost super villain in a " real world " show. 
 British " seasons " can be anything, and this one was only three cannon shows and one Christmas show set in Victorian London.

IF there is a 5th one, lets hope it gets back to a little more " buddies out solving crimes " and less murderama.


I have been waiting for this one for a while! All the rage in Britain, the ITV history drama being out the BBC's sexy sexy Poldark. Debuting here tonight - I loved it, Neil not so much. This is not some cliff notes pretty dresses royal romp. This is some deep Whig/ Tory party politics, that most Americans would need a score card for. I live for this stuff. Politics of the Empire is just one of my favorite things so I really enjoyed it.

Jenna Coleman was just fantastic casting, as were really everyone else. I think that for Americans who know nothing of the horrible family situations of the Hanoverians , or poor Victoria's Kennsinston system... some of this seems odd. But there are some pretty dresses. This was just week one, next week : ALBERT! 


This one is just strange, but very enticing .. you want to see more of this one. Jude Law is super sexy , super creepy as the title Young Pope. ( Pretty dresses here as well ) Is it a case of Absolute Power corrupting absolutely , or is he just evil.. or something else. Look forward to getting more of this one in. It absolutely looks like this series was filmed in the Vatican, but you know it was not.



Not a Sunday night, but one we are in the middle of simi binge watch of this . A darling of the critics and the award shows, its a BBC adaptation of an ( I guess ) famous John la Carre novel. Going over like a more cerebral James Bond - think lingering conversations rather than car chases. The acting is top drawer , with some  very scary things happening, and set very much in the real world, but I'm not a serious cloak and dagger spy novel guy. I like the suped up car and jet packs. We are not done with this one yet, and we will finish it. 

It is very good, if you like this genre.

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