Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Movie Tuesday - UPDATED

First up, I am sorry that this is the photo that comes up on the you tube video. The entire movie hangs on THE event... but there is no superfluous gore or violence .

Second, I loved this movie, I was transfixed from the opening scene. Those that know me are not surprised.

Third, Neil hated this movie.

This is not a pretty film. It starts with Dallas and ends a few days after the funeral - no reason it would be pretty. Also, how do you approach some of , literally, the most iconic moments in US history - and give it any sort of fresh spin in a movie. We all know what happened, everyone on the planet has seen little John John salute his dead father. It is not linear story telling at all - it tries to let us see the most famous woman in the world at her absolute worst, some of the story is told with only music - there are some monologues and what I think are made up conversations. It is the directors interpretation, not in any way a historical telling of that couple of weeks ( aka its real artsy )

What we did not know is how Jackie did what she did, this is where the film goes. Natalie Portman does an amazing job, certainly the best I have seen this award season, again everyone knows who and what Jackie Kennedy was ( I say that, but I do bet a lot of younger folks dont ) and what she looked and sounded like. How hard it would be for any actress to don that pink knock off Chanel suit, and not feel like a cartoon of the moment. She does not. The movies tries , and I think succeeds in getting into the core of a woman , at that moment. Not Mrs. Onassis, not the editor at large , saving Grand Central - but a brand new widow - dealing with the tsunami that came after Dallas.

Yes, I was at one time obsessed with JFK and as a spill over Jackie. I know a lot - but there are things in this film that are an interpretation, bookended or edited by the facts that we know. Really there was only one thing in the whole movie that I thought was completely wrong. ( evolved Lady Bird )

I very much recommend this movie, but go into it with an open mind, it is not a documentary, but it does its job very well.

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