Monday, January 23, 2017


From out of the darkness that was the horrible " American Carnage " lies, lies, lies filled Friday came this atom bomb of home. I had not fully engaged in any way on this. It was in my periphery but that was it. Gloom and doom... and I even liked her dresses. 

But them we woke up Saturday to this historic event. Women, mostly , with lots and lots of men and children out in the streets, shoe leather to power. The power of nameless millions. I hope you followed this on Saturday and saw the photos from literally all over the world. Even the women at some base in Antarctica chiming in on social media. 

Loud and clear the people of the US and the world declared that Trumps brand of drama , self grandizement and division will not work. He won the electoral collage, and that is all. Every day, every day every day.

It also appears that I have become a raging bore on the Facebook, just pissing off the one or two flat earthers that are still my fb pals ( you can't help who you love ) with my posts on actual things that he or his brown shirts have said or done. Just give him a one.

 DUNWOODY in the mix as Susan and Reid took to the streets to let King Cheeto know that not all of Georgia was his. Jane was there too, but did not post any photos of herself.

Even the King and Queen of Dunwoody donned pussy hats for the start of the revolution 

Brenda was lighting the fires in LA.

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