Monday, January 16, 2017


The healthiest supper I have made in ages.

Read the recipe in the NYT this morning - the dal and the rice are both Nigella Lawson recipes.

A quick vegetarian curry - the dal, lentils with sweet potatoes, is very easy to make once your mise en place is fixed. ( chop chop chop ) , when they were done, I bur mixed about a third of them " stew " and added it back in as a thickener. My Wegmans sold the red dal - but i guess you could use the easier to find green.  The rice was a bit of a harder sell - but still good, and a good sort of technique to know. The rice called for chicken stock, i used vegetable, just to keep it vegan. Also used a Serrano chili . The dish is not overly " spicy " .

Give this one a try - unless you would have to buy all the spices - then it would just cost to much  ( and as always, go to an Indian market to buy your spices!  ) Would be an interesting dish to take to a pot luck - so many people are not eating meat. And either dish would be fine on their own.

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