Monday, January 2, 2017


For the past few years I have come on here to prattle the middle age lament on the quickening of time. ZIP! BANG! It is January. Yeah, not so much for 2016 - this past year lasted what had to have been a good fifth of my life, and kicked my ass in its lingering. Waking up with the coming Damoclesian ( just making up words....) hangover that will hit us in .... 17 days now. I drifted off there the later part of 2016 - just 100% overwhelmed by the blanket insanity all around me. Have to force my self awake now, we all do. The other side of the looking glass is going to require some work on our parts.

This starts the TENTH YEAR of our little collective art project. Which with my slack posting over the last few months has more or less just become my own personal diary. Laugh all you want, but when I write things down here - I can go back and check them. ( when did we buy that last dishwasher...) So I am not going anywhere. Facebook and the seemingly countless other social media dockets have left the dinosaur of blogging to a brave faithful few these days - but I will try and do better. 

I went back and read some of my first postings on here - claiming that I needed someplace to vent ( remember - pre FB! ) and looks like we are right back where we all started again, only this time with an elderly Koda and not the ancient Saintly Pookie  - Neither of whom really care how upset I get about Republicans.

So, happy coming 10th year k+b. Lets see where this one takes us.

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