Wednesday, February 29, 2012

daily Koda

RIP Davy Jones

This is my favorite MONKEYS song. That is not Davy Jones, it's Micky. I was in camp PETER, 100%.Mike's mom invented liquid paper. Saturday afternoons, post cartoons... I so did not get it then.

Under the Gold Dome there in Atlanta


Not so much with the jobs, today it was:
" old times here are not forgotten "

even more 2012

I don't want this name on my blog, but please
Click here for more graphics and gifs!

best butt in baseball 2

From the Boston Globe: " Jason Varitek, a two-time World Series champion and the captain of the Red Sox from 2005-11, will announce his retirement here on Thursday, sources told the Globe today."

A funny story. One one of my and Neil's first few dates, we went to a Brave's game. Javy comes up to the plate, a slightly beer soaked Kyle yells: " best butt in baseball ". Now, Neil did not realize that everyone in Atlanta was gay, and was somewhat shocked that you could yell this at a game. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oscar Updated

Just scroll down to the original post

Oscar ooops

 The Help's Emma Stone in a stunning
Giambattista Valli Louis red dress with 
exaggerated bow at the neck.

Nicole Kidman in a stunning 
Balenciaga red dress with 
exaggerated bow at neck.
I freaked out Sunday night when we saw Ms. Stone, but at the time, with out the internet, I remembered that it was Sigourney Weaver who had worn the dress before. Now seeing them together, they are both lovely and where as they are similar they are not the exact same dress.. both ladies look lovely. ( Nicole wins )

Alfred Eisenstaedt 2012

You want a game changer boys and girls ? 
How about having a red blooded U.S. Marine coming home
after six months of fighting for his country ,
 jumping into the arms of the person he loves.
 And just for a little icing on the cake 
let's do it in front of a freaking giant American flag.
Marine Sgt. Brandon Morgan returned Feb. 22 from Afghanistan to Hawaii and jumped into partner Dalan Wells' arms. (Morgan is 5-feet 11-inches tall; Wells is 6-foot-6.)
The friend that took the photo posted it on his facebook page and a day later it was all over the world.

Grant Wood 2012


sleepers awake, crusty eyes may open now... you of little faith....

you know those little pictographs on dry cleaning that show you not to put the bag over your head ?

THOSE we have . THIS WE NEED!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

and the winner is....

Yes, they were clawing and scratching eyes to get that golden statue last night, but  the award today was for the k+b's best of the night! One rule this year is, I have to know who you are in oder to care what you are wearing, seriously. Lots of no name starletts on the rc. Were there just some major stars who skipped the show or red carpet last night?
SO,right to it.

The Queen
Jessica Chastain 
 (from The Help. )
in custom
 The was a hands down, no brainer decision for #1 of the night. Love the colors, the styling - hair/make-up, and the cool million in yellow diamond Harry Winston hanging from each ear. Will go down in Oscar history.


 Octavia " War damn Eagle" Spencer
Tadashi Shoji.
Wow!  knocked it totally out of the ball park, just look at her! This ladies over a size 2 is how you do it! Fits fantastic and she looks beautiful, and she walked away with the award!

Stacy Keibler 
    A drapey gold lame´ Marchesa.. not something that you think I would ever like, but this is beautiful. Her coloring with the gold is perfect, and her date for the evening never hurts...

Penelope Cruz
custom Armami Prive
Our lovely princess wanna be looks fantastic! It photographs grey-ish, and I was a little turned off at first, but looking deeper it is , I am told ,periwinkle, but what put Ms. Cruz over the top is the trazillion of dollars in diamonds! 
"She accessorized with a matching clutch and platinum and diamond jewelry by Chopard that included pear-shaped necklace (56 carat), cluster earring (15 carats) and fancy-shape line bracelet (43 carats)." Lovely!

Gwyneth Paltrow
Tom Ford

This was the controversy of the night, the Rorschach test of the night. Is it a totally fashion forward sleek as all get out full out Tom Ford dress for the Oscar History books or is it  bad Florance Nightingale drag. I am fully in the LOVE IT category. Not usually a fan of such pure minimalism on the red carpet, esp the OSCAR red carpet, but this just worked for me.


As much as we hate to go here, we owe it to our readers to do this. I am sure all these ladies were trying their best last Sunday night, some just fell short for many reasons, so let's go:

worst dressed at the 2012 oscars
Mellisa McCarthy in
Marina Rinaldi
Really Kyle?, you went there? Come on where is your love for a fellow chubby? I am sorry but this is just a hot mess all over..... sleeves that add that much volume ?? Is this your first day being fat? The bust is not right, the color is all wrong.... We are sure she is a lovely woman, but this dress was not worthy of the night

Louise Roe in 
Black Halo
I do not know who this woman is - she was one of the hosts on the pre non E! red carpet coverage. Dahn and I both saw upscale Mother of the Bride in Dusty Rose.

Shailene Woodley in
This is a beautiful dress, and if Angela Lansbury was wearing it, it might be on my other list... Miss Woodley is like 19 years old or something, show the goods while you can girl.

Kristen Wiig in
J. Mendel
LOOK! not only did I write The Bridesmaids, 
but I can make a gown out of ace bandages! Seriously, this in yellow, green,blue etc would be lovely.....

Glenn Close in 
Zac Posen
I just do not care for Zac Posen,who Glenn is very loyal to.
I do love Glenn Close, and the color is beautiful , hate the puff of stuff at the back, and a tux jacket is not appropriate for an Oscar Nominee , even if Meryl Streep is in the race. But, I will say that Glenn is wearing the hell out of it!

Sunday, February 26, 2012


No real idea as to how today is going to pan out... balls in the air etc, SO... I'm sure I will not be live blogging, this be a national day of gay drinking. I will update here and on facebook as to our CHUG designer, and if anything spectacular or horrific comes down the rc... I don't tweet, but maybe the k+b should look into that. Stick with us on this ..... and let's have the best Oscar ever....Tons tomorrow

a little whetting :
two of the best ever
Halle Berry 2001
Julia Roberts 2000
love to the point of obsession
see more of it HERE
Loretta Young 1948

Kim Basinger 1990
All of Athens , hell, North Georgia
-maybe all of the Southeast
collectively went, " bless her heart "
  • Midnight in Paris ( won't win )
  • Brad Pitt ( won't win )
  • Meryl Streep ( might not win )
  • Ociavia Spenver ( should win, war damn eagle!! )
  • Christopher Plummer/ ( Capt. Von Trapp ) ( may win )

unibomber no more

( or fun with razors )



dinner ( last night )

 A beautiful sunset from atop
a hill on a cold Winters night
  Our pal Roja invited us over to another one of her 
Indian dinners for their charities
I was very much missed in the kitchen!

a few photos of a white dog in the snow that you missed....

 to not would be a day with out sunshine!

For the LAST time people, the GOP/tea party is NOT racist....

just read it..... 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Today's GOP

Just watch this, all the way through. This is the Virginia Delegate that INTRODUCED THIS BILL.. This is the state legislature in Virginia. You will see NOTHING more disgusting and childish, just pure frat boy bullshit .

Where and how do you go from here, honestly... this is so vile, so insulting , that response is impossible. COME ON, he introduced the bill that would require transvaginal ultrasounds in women who have been raped and got that special Santorum gift to be re-raped, and it's a huge joke. He cant even say the word.

Truth in Media

CNN Zooms in on 'Frothy Santorum' Sign During Debate: VIDEO

and I had to spend my 6th grade Summer with Doug and Julie

Days of our Lives

Thursday, February 23, 2012

O you youths, western youths, So impatient, full of action, full of manly pride and friendship, Plain I see you, western youths, see you tramping with the foremost, Pioneers! O pioneers!

state #8


Maryland will join seven states and the District in allowing same-sex marriage, ending a year-long drama in the capitol Annapolis over the legislation and expanding nationwide momentum for gay rights.The Senate passed the measure by a vote of 25 to 22 Thursday night, and my new boyfriend,  Gov. Martin O’Malley  has vowed to sign it into law.

I have been a slack blogger the last couple of weeks, again, the weather, the whole .... ugliness of the GOP debate, but in the last month:
- Washington state legalized same sex marriage
- Maryland legalized same sex marriage
- the New Jersey legislature approved same sex marriage
- voters turned in a petition to overturn the anti
-same sex marriage amendment in Maine
 - the 9th Circuit Court affirmed the overturning of California's Prop 8
 - another judge decided that Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act was unconstitutional

Slowly and surely..... WE WILL BE CITIZENS!


Woke up this morning to a little bit of snow, just a dusting really, few inches. It was all gone by our afternoon long walk, but they say that it will happen again tonight and snow most of the day tomorrow.
I think this snowlessness ( snow less ness - unsnowlessness -transsnowlessness ) has something to do with this fugue state of time in my head these days. The never ending advent..... waiting on the Winter that never comes, my tattered carhartt coat trailing behind me. The black dog in these photos is our pal Mattie who has eyes the color of Windex... just crazy.

Your Lenty Vegan Dinner

Chick peas and tomato curry

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Throw me something , Mister....

The big issue of the day!  ( at least until the GLEE came on ) was :
YEA or NAY ?
I have always put canned tomatoes in, what I call, Gumbo. I also most time mix shrimp, chicken and sausage, as well. Which someone in New Orleans once told me was an out right sin. Gumbo's, and their starting roux's are either for seafood or other, not both. 
So, Fat Tuesday, I'm going old school...
Chicken and Sausage Gumbo.
  • skinless boneless chicken thighs
  • smoked sausage ( sure, if you live some place with good andouille/boudin, go for it. I was shopping in Honeoye Falls, NY.....)
  • Trinity
  • garlic/jalapeno/ spring onion ( I totally forgot parsley, and was not going back to the store... I used celery tops)
  • frozen okra, which is not in the photo... 
  • cumin, oregano,red pepper flakes
  • chicken stock
  • four tiny seeded chopped tomatoes.. I am weak

Brown your sausage and chicken in a nice heavy pot AND THEM make your roux with all the yummy carmel brown bits in the bottom of the pan..... 
F. S. HS.
your meat is browned, your roux is like 20 min in, THEN add your trinity, stirstirstir.. let it go for 10/15 min.. then add stock, and let go, again.. till nice and thick.
bubbling away, add okra, tomatoes, garlic, lots of chopped parsley ( celery tops) and just let cook....I hit it with some lemon zest towards the end, just for some brightness. There is rice in that yellow pot.. Brown, should had been nice fluffy white, I had brown....

Laissez les bons temps rouler