Sunday, January 5, 2014

Friday January 3erd

Woke up with an eye on this freaky ass weather that is nation wide, made a game plan to get us home safely and went to lunch with Beth and Warren. A Persian place in Sandy Springs, and the start of my 2014 obsession, learning to cook Persian. SO GOOD...

 Iranian relish tray
 I did not take a photo of my lunch which was what they called " a stew "... I guess, more like a really dense Beef Burgundy sort of deal with chicken , they use ground walnuts as a thicker and pomegranate juice for sweetness, really NEW FLAVORS.. can not wait to learn more
 Beth and Neil with tiny coffees
The Pride of Russell Hall
 ( and proof that I do not dislike ALL younger folks...)

 Drove to Winder that night and watched the Clemson game with mother, ate my and Neil's new favorite meal, Publix Fried Chicken with Smokin' Po' Boys baked beans ( the left overs of which are in a mini fridge somewhere in the wilds of Virginia )

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