Monday, January 27, 2014


Ruh -roh. Neil is off in the AM, gone for six day to teach peach and love in the hinterlands of North Carolina ( assuming that Hartsfield International Airport has not gone all The Walking Dead, what with Atlanta getting a good wallop of SNOW! tonight ) The thing for us is that with my computer gone to be with Steve Jobs, I have been using his lap top, which is now going with him on his trip . I will have the iPad and a very old lap top so hopefully I will still be able to do this.

Still in full hunker down mode here in Mendon, everything seems to be on ice. The calm slowness of deep winter. Was not all ( all ) that cold today, but very windy, and the snow is just so powdery that it just whips up into huge blowing clouds in the open fields behind out house - makes walking a little unpleasant .

SO, k+b ers ( we need to come up with a name ) let's hope for the best for the coming week as far as keeping up our daily totally one sided chat - I would miss it, if it were gone.

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Grammy said...

I've tried to send you a comment and got tangled up in my password for google being wrong. Changed it now, we'll see if it works. Hope you can continue your blog was the message I was trying to send. I will miss it like I miss you!