Sunday, February 9, 2014

Me and Henry and many others.....

I like my old pal Henry am having a VERY rare GOUT! flare up .

I am, so far tonight, much better than it was last night. Not really hurting anymore, just sore as all get out. Walking in the house is not a problem at all really - but walking on uneven snow is just a pain in the - well , big toe!
Thing is I have had very little red meat lately, and have not had a drink since New Years Day - not sure where this one came from. Let's hope I am as much better tomorrow as I was today..... this is just no fun.


TheCrankyProfessor said...

My doctor tells me that research shows no real connection to diet - other than the mild positive effect of cherries (and cherry juice). I get a flare once or twice a year. My doc says that there are enough complications from allopurinol (whatever the spelling is) that he doesn't want to put me on it until I have 5 flares a year.

Meanwhile, he prescribes a prescription anti-inflammatory: Indomethiacin. 5 days usually clears me up from a bad attack.

Check this picture:

Kyle said...

I totally did the cherry juice thing and am way way better today . I don't think this was bad gout, really only one bad night - biggest issue was putting on boots to walk Koda