Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sa-tur-day .....

Sure half the country is having weather that is just as crazy as it can be. I full out expect North Georgia to have frogs or locusts any day now. Here in the Finger Lakes winter just rolls on. Really one of the best ever. Loads of snow over the last few days making walking easier than when there was ice, although it has been really cold
 You can't really tell here , but it was snowing really hard WHILE the sun was shinning - the devil beating his wife ... in a igloo ?
We had dinner downtown with out pals Jack and Linda and I did not take any pics at all, which really sort of sucks, because they live right on the Genesee river and it is frozen solid, would have made some beautiful pics - but it was dark, etc. We watched the Syracuse basketball game after dinner. Sort of weird, but folks up here have a tad of college fever for the first time since I have lived up here
Hit Wegmans on the way home
A selfie in the snow

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