Friday, February 14, 2014


Same sex marriage in the US of A.

You know , it is sort of my job to keep up with this topic - and to keep you , my tens of readers up to date on the advances of liberty in our great nation. But, I tell you what - even me, with my nose to ever changing computer screens is have a hard time keeping up with where we are these days. Here on love day, lets take a minute to figure it out.

JUST LAST NIGHT , a Federal judge in VIRGINIA became the third judge in what, two weeks  - do declare state bans unconstitutional  - ALL in light of Windsor v United States.

President Obama thanks Edie Windsor
in the Oval Office last Wednesday.
The judge ruled with an immediate stay of his ruling, putting purple Virginia in the same came with bright red Utah and Oklahoma as states with marriage bans overturned but on stay  - awaiting what ? Three different rulings in three different cases all on hte exact same thing. Why did the Supremes not just toss that Jim Crowe baby out with the Edie Windsor bath water, ??

Fire and outrage and tales of the end times coming from the usual mouth breathers about Virginia and really at this point they can just use the exact same states rights , word of Almighty God clap trap bs that they have used on the other states. It is the exact same thing. The judge in Virginia even started off his ruling with the words from Loving V Virginia - all but daring a higher court to change his position.

So here 2/14/14 is where we stand - with above mentioned UTAH, OKLAHOMA and VIRGINIA sort of kind of limboish on this map 

AND remember looking at this that FEDERAL same sex marriage IS the law of the land. So even in that God Hates Fag Crimson of the deep south, you and your husband are going to get federal rights. The striped as far as I can tell is everything but the word marriage in Wisc. Nevada and Oregon.

I am too busy ( lazy ) to break down the % of the population but its has to be getting up there.. what will the tipping point be. Can any state ban stand if and when any of the three stayed cases is ruled on. Or will we have to fight this to the very end. I mean, can Mississippi keep their law if Oklahoma can't ?

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