Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kyle and Martha sitting in a tree...

 ( Or is it Kyle and Edward R. Murrow sitting in a tree ? )

Yall know that we here at the k+b are nothing if not fanatics about journalistic integrity, right? So, when sitting on a hot hot hot story, we double check with all our sources to make sure that we are not going to step on too many toes, in our ongoing fight for truth, justice, the American way and longer lasting nail polish.

So after checking with the main players in this story, I was given the green light to go forward, only if we did not use any of the names, or changed them ... to protect the innocent... done.

( Martha , seen here in 1961 , paying her 
way through Barnard, as a CHANEL model! )

Yesterday was all the busy here around , folks just in and out of the house and things coming and going ( photos to follow ) but, I did catch a little bit of Martha's Morning Show, - which I have been pretty slack about watching lately - AND low and behold.... I know someone who has been.....lets go with, very close, with one of Martha's guests. NOW WITH OUT LETTING YOU KNOW WHO ANY OF THESE PEOPLE ARE - other than Martha, let's just say  the theme of the show was "how to be a better vegan."

Now the guest, who we will call " the king of all the hippies " does all sorts of good things for the world etc, and is, I am sure, a lovely person.. and he also had .. a relationship.. with a very close personal friend of mine ( who by the way has EXCELLENT hands and feet...) putting me TWO DEGREES AWAY FROM MARTHA STEWART, and well making my friend ONE DEGREE AWAY FROM MARTHA STEWART!

Yes, I am going to keep a packed bag beside my door for when the phone call comes to visit Cantitoe Corners! ( or Skylands, or Lilly Pond Lane, etc....)

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b said...

Maybe Viggo Mortensen will be there when you visit...?