Saturday, July 9, 2016

Hypnos be damned

My sleep is all screwed up again. I stayed up all night, went to bed with the sun , Thursday night/ Friday Morning. The days have sort of run together. Still trying to put my thoughts feelings down here about the violence- but it is all still a mess in my brain.  In everyone's brain it seems from what I have been seeing on television. We dont have the language to talk to or about this last week, so weak minds say silly things on tv to fill the hours. And stupid people post ridiculous things on Facebook. Im sure it will last a few days longer, every ones muddle.

Ive filled my late nights by going down the much visited rabbit hole of BRIDESHEAD REVISITED. I found a you tuber that has broken down the hours and hours into 10 min little snippets, and I am selectively watching only the happy pretty parts of it. Re- watching almost all of Venice , " the romantic friendships of the English and the Germans, they are not Latin ..."

Very much hope to get back into human hours very soon. Since I was a kid I have fought not being a vampire , sleeping when other folks do. Failing now.. but working on it.

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