Tuesday, July 19, 2016

QE II , round two.

I finally saw this production of National Theater Live : The Audience with Helen Mirren. It was a re-broadcast of the show, I missed the original one by only finding out about it 15 min before it started, so was thrilled when the news came out that they were going to re play it this summer.

I very much wanted to go down to NYC and see the actual play, but we could not get tickets when we could get away, Helen Mirren and all. Just a delightful play! You are totally drawn in from the absolute get go, even not really knowing all that much about recent British history. It does not matter at all.

Sort of the same set up as with the Operas, you get a great seat to a wonderful show for what, a 10th, 20th? of the cost of the actual event . She is beyond brilliant, much deserving of both the Olivier and the Tony.

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