Friday, July 1, 2016

Kicking off July Right !


With the Rochester area getting a little bit of much needed rain. We got a nice shower this morning down in Mendon. This one was really just a fast moving summer thunder boomer - dropped a whole lot of rain in about a minute.

 I needed a new hat.
 The folks that got to the game a tad early all had to stay in the breezeways until the storm moved on. There is plenty of room.
 My new hat .
 Jack, Neil , Larissa and some other girl bucked the trend , braving the showers
 Cleared up pretty fast but the damage was done, and the game started about an hour late.
 beautiful rainbows, at one point a perfect double


Thing is we were a little bit damp, that breeze off the river AND the temps dropped after the rain, getting down in the upper 50's , it was chilly! Neil and Jack went and bought sweat shirts.
 After which Neil ate a corn dog.
I had a so so taco salad - they no longer have the bowl you can eat! What is the use of a taco salad at a ball park with out a bowl you can eat!
 With the late start, and the weather, it was a long game.
 But the Wings beat Syracuse 5-3 and it was a good time , as always.

 With post game fireworks!

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