Tuesday, July 26, 2016

FLOTUS full speech

This is grace. This is class. This is being so at ease in your own skin, so comfortable with your own power,  that you can rise above so much horrible tactless, vile bullshit and make this speech. If you did not watch it, please do.

I did what I do and dove into the belly of the beast today, reading comments on The First Lady's speech in the Atlanta news paper, tv stations. Went right down the expected roll of basically " uppity nigger bitch " whether they said the words or not. I hate people. To dare speak the truth of her waking up every day in a house built by slaves, and watching her two beautiful black daughters playing with their dogs on the lawn of the White House. Fury rained down from the right... Im not going to link any of it, you know the Fox and talk radio types.

I feel it in my bones that hate will not win this time.

Lighter note " tell us about the dress, Kyle ! "

" Never was so much written by so many about one dress ". It's Christian Siriano, and it was for sale before Mrs. Obama walked out wearing it. ( he may have got some more out there...) Tom and Lorenzo covered it, even the NYT went all out on it.

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