Wednesday, July 13, 2016


When its this hot why not spend a few hours freezing to death in bohemian Paris. late 1800's. The most performed opera at the Met, and neither Neil nor I had ever seen it. ( not shocking for me, but for Neil ...) It is what RENT is based on. In my readings after the show it was described as FRIENDS in  Belle Epoque , Montmartre - if Phoebe had died of consumption. They cut out all the interviews and speed up the intermissions for this showing, so its less than 3 hours long. GO SEE THIS, if it ever comes back anywhere near where you are.

Some of the most beautiful music ever heard on the planet, that is for sure. It is a 2014 production that was scheduled to be recored for PBS - and Mimi comes down with the flu. The previous nights MADME BUTTERFLY steps up to the plate to knock it out of the park.

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