Monday, July 25, 2016

Out and About

Lots of running around this morning here and there.

Breakfast of Champions at Costco

 24 deviled eggs at Wegmans.

As a rule, if you are not buying Kobe Beef or Caviar , Wegmans is a most reasonable place to get your work a day groceries. But, I ran across these today 16 bucks! I should go into business !

 Then back and forth between two different Lowes that are almost twenty miles apart looking for a new refrigerator. Old houses are great, but buying major appliances for an old house are different.  Your very standard refrigerator is 36 inches wide - our space is 35 and 1/2 inches , seriously. The one that I really wanted was a much more simple French door type, with no external ice/water maker. Something I am not a fan of . ( these new fangled ideas....)

SO went went this one, which is small enough - BUT not in this color, basic standard stainless steel.
If I had my whole kitchen to do over I would not go with any stainless , color or white, even black, but we are not going to swap out everything.
This is the dark stainless, which is NICE, but the sales guy talked us out of it, saying it would not look at all good with all stainless. The thing is , we dont get it for a  couple of weeks, which is something I just hate. Buying stuff and not getting it!

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