Sunday, July 17, 2016


How do we do this ?

How do we learn to live with the flag at half staff always ? How do we learn to just dread turing on any of the three news stations.Maybe is has just been this horrible, no good very bad month that July has been.  Fro, Orlando to Baton Rouge with out a second to catch our breaths - and the two conventions on the horizons . ( the GOP clown college starts in the morning ) Anyone have a great idea for fixing this ?

I chose to temper my ills today with a lovely supper in my next door neighbors back yard. So very nice to not have to cook or plan a meal.

a thirty second trip

Just a perfect setting, the heat of the last week has gone away, and the silver lining to a drought is many many fewer mosquitoes.
Koda and Fletcher are big pals

although aquatic Koda did not for one second fall for this being a swimming pool!

Her yard is beautiful.

the wine flowed
Tomato Salad

Steak with potatoes cooked on the grill in foil with garlic, butter and dill - VERY GOOD, ill get exactly how to do it and pass the info along

After supper and four bottles of wine, we sat off to find the just downloaded Pokemons!/ 
Turns out Mendon is quite the hot spot for them, lots of guys back in the park today watching their phones

Raspberry Social right down the road in Ionia this week/

Catching them all, along with a nice walk

a fresh from the oven apple gullet for dessert

  1. along with a lovely sunset that none of the pokermansers say!

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