Thursday, July 28, 2016



Yeah, I know, I skipped day three. I really had big plans on blogging about every night, but I would get caught up in watching the commentary on MSNBC and CNN and reading papers and blogs and such, it just go to late. Plus I was a little over whelmed last night, Kaine, Joe Biden and then POTUS - just bang, bang , bang. Plus it is hard to fit that much tv into your day.
I LOVE watching these, watched close to all of both, well more of ours, but the sausage making of politics is something that I do just love. So, sorry about last night. I may come back and post some of the speeches. I do want to do more political writing on here. Funny, in a pre Facebook world I wrote so much more on here, now it seems that a sentence or so there does it. 

As for tonight.. I think this tweet sums it up best

Day 1. Give it up for the Berners

Day 2. Ok we gotta give Bill a night

Day 3. Thanks, Obama 


Just like every other night, it is late, and really, this roller coaster tonight wore me out, a night to sleep on my thoughts. Tonight was important to me-I have been a Hillary fan for a very long time. Neil makes the joke that I moved up here FIRST for Hillary, second for Wegmans and third for him. ( its not true ). You have to be exactly my age and have had exactly my life to understand what exactly the Clintons mean to me, and especially Hillary.

Beth and me in Little Rock, election day 1996

Coming of age in the RAH RAH I HEART AMERICA Ronald Reagans America, when you did not support President Reagan on ANYTHING - and add to that the specter of AIDS, being a young gay man, the full other - fear was everything. Twelve years of this.. my first three elections, lost, lost, lost .. and lost big. Then comes this nerdy SOUTHERN couple , one who talks funny, just like you do.. and are above all NOT REAGAN, and they do the best anyone could in 1992 of saying that gay people,- that I - was not only a full fledged human being but an American in good standing. It was as liberating a feeling as I have ever felt. I was seen for the very first time in my life, so yeah they are pretty darn special to me.

Oh, and they won!  Anyway, stupid late again so much happened tonight - all tomorrow .

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