Tuesday, July 5, 2016


The war ended around 10 pm. A short but ferocious battle - it started way before dark, 7 or so.. and only grew with intensity. Not sure who the winners were, we and especially Koda were the losers.

Yes, the neighbor boys, whose own parents moved them out to the barn went to war last night with someone - or something. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! FREEDOM! APPLE PIE.... and a whole lot of not bought in NY State fireworks  What are you going to do , its one night a year - but it just went on for TOO LONG - and was too loud.

Now I feel bad for folks when Neil used to set off those huge fireworks in our yard. I just am not a fan of them , at all.

 I did my part for the cause, never one to be accused of not have esprit de corps!

By the time dawdling Kyle got to Wegmans to get the 4th o July feast, all that was left were these huge family packs of ribs. So, I checked Wal Mart, where they had several different kinds of ribs - confusing me no end. The spare ribs were cheaper, and much larger , but looked as if they needed to be trimmed in order to cook evenly. These are the baby back ribs, but they were super meaty, so did not cook as thoroughly in the 2 hours of low oven. Next time I make these, which is rare,  ill just get the Wegmans family pack and freeze half or so....

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