Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I can't get no.... ( Devo, NOT the rolling who...)

Ok, so the BULLDAWGS, win and drop a point in the BCS. Crazy is as crazy does. A happy , well not happy, but happy, number 10 last week, now a sad , very sad, number 11. Again, stupid Ohio State. 

Bowl Championship Series Rankings

1. Alabama Crimson Tide 11-0 
2. Texas Tech Red Raiders 10-0 
3. Texas Longhorns 10-1 
4. Florida Gators 9-1 
5. Oklahoma Sooners 9-1 
6. U-S-C Trojans 9-1 
7. Utah Utes 11-0 
8. Penn State Nittany Lions 10-1 
9. Boise State Broncos 10-0 
10. Ohio State Buckeyes 9-2 
11. Georgia Bulldogs 9-2 

So, lets figure out , since we are NOT playing this week, how we can move up a bit.. get back in the happy top 10!.
#1) Alabama is not playing this week , so they will be safe ( UNLESS! Texas Tech beats the crap out of # 5 o-k-l-a-h-o-m-a, in which case, lots of folks are going to be pushing for Texas Tech and their red hot ( and hot!) QB,
#2) Texas Tech.. see above. This will be THE game of the weekend. And Texas Tech is a fun fun team to watch. 
#3) Texas.... now, this is where the BSC gets all squirrely this year. Texas LOST to Texas Tech already this year, so how , should , can , what if, they get ranked higher than a team they lost too... " curiouser and curiouser " cried Alice.....
#4) just make it stop.... make it stop... The #4 team in the country, thehatedgators, the power house of the SEC, the team that scores 300, 400 points a game against GOOD teams, is playing THE CITADEL.... the Bulldogs should just call in sick....
#5)  Oklahoma - see #2.. I do not think that even if they lose the Sooners will drop enough to help us. But like I have said before the entire state of Florida will have wagon train hair, come Sunday Morning
#6) Cry me a river, USC. ( not that all the love and best wishes of EVERYONE are not going out to all those poor poor folks in SOCAL with those NASTY FIRES!) that said, Put on your big girl panties Trojans and stop with the whining." The press only likes the SEC and the BIG 12 .. blah, blah, blah.." the pac 10 is weak and you are a bunch of golden boys destined to be on CSI. They will be the big benefactor of a Sooner loss though... but not high enough to make them happy. GOOD! ( bunch of sissies...)
#7) THE UTES!  like I am going to root against Mikey's UTES.. and really, this week do you think I could, THIS WEEK, root for freaking MORMON UNIVERSITY ( although again, STEVE YOUNG himself was anti prop 8!)... destroy them UTES.. use that righteous anger!
 #8) PENN STATE. Now a loss here could move us up,Michigan State could beat the Nittany Lions, but don't count on it . This could be the aging JoePa's last game , he may be riding off into the sun set with his good good pal Zippy Bush. So these boys will be a little motivated to win.. but still , this would be a good loss for us.
#9) those damn smurf loving Boise State's. They play Nevada, don't know if its on the blue or not. But, I hate the blue.. so this one is a real one we need to lose. Go Crappers, or Boobs or High Rollers, what ever the Nevada team is called ( the wolf pack.. something like that) 
[ a sidebar here, Nevada closes out their season with Louisiana Tech, who's head coach is that red and black wearing Wahoo : DEREK DOOLEY! ]
#10) Ohio State/Michigan. Ok, as much as I don't care for anything But SEC and some ACC college ball, any lover of the game has to throw this one is dues. Looks like the Scripts could pull it out, but its one of those games that you never know. BUT, I will be a rootin' for the Wolverines! 
we're #10! we're #10... ( that is, if we scratch those bees!)
I would like a nice new years day bowl.

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