Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kyle Crawford, activist ( sort of )

Ok, so as much as I like this whole blogging gig, I am waaaay computer stupid. Really, I'm like two steps above the Amish when it comes to working on this lovely white box. Neil signed me up to the whole"  facebook nation " thing and that has been a nice tool for keeping in touch with people. 
But, post election and the Mormon driven defeat of Prop 8 in California, I was talking with my friend Craigy here on line, and we are pissing and moaning about the whacking the west coast gays took and decide that we would  just do something about it. My idea was to toast them and their getting the job done next time around, with a few beers. Craig suggested we join the nation wide protest. Well, no, at first he said that he would just " go to Albany" and protest with those guys, and I said: " well, no let's just do it here!" Again, lift our glasses to their soon to be victory over hatred and oppression! Down with the man, that sort of thing!
Well, it turns our that Craigy , who is barely out of fetal stage, is young and knows how to do all sorts of things here on the computer. Before I could say " another pitcher , please" he had me listed on this facebook site as EVENT COORDINATOR for this weekends coming .... event here in Rochester!.  People are calling me, people are asking me questions, people are all fired up. Neil who is the grand -pooh-bah- mac- daddy of protesters is out of town ( protesting something) and I am here with the Millennial set , emailing me with ideas!
Not one of these questions has been " what should the theme and color pallet be for the coming protest". I may be in a little bit over my head on this one. NOT , that I will not rise to the occasion and lead my people to the promised land of yelling at cars as they whiz by on Saturday. It is just funny how things happen, that's all. 
 I am Moopah, hear me roar.....

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