Friday, June 11, 2010

Does anyone else think that Angela Lansbury is his mother ?

Curiouser and curiouser...... and even more curious!

This Alvin Greene story down in South Carolina just won't let me go!
I had only read the headlines " South Carolina Shocker.. unknown wins Dem Primary"
and gave it little thought till last night , he did an interview with Keith:

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More than a little bit dumbfounded, I came here to the motherbox and went digging. Not much at all to be found! THE STATE , seems , and I could be very wrong on this, just a cheerleader for satan Jim DeMint.

Mr. Greene , 32, is a veteran, serving 13 years in the Air Force and Army , and is reported to be a graduate of USC with a degree in Political Science. All sounds good to me, young, veteran, a fresh Democratic face. But the pieces just don't add up. No source of income, paid his 10k filling fee with an odd, hand printed check. Is awaiting trial on some odd sex charge , and had to use the public defender in this matter. On and on and on.
The only really good reporting I could find on him was from The Columbia Free Press, the Creative Loafing of Columbia. No record of him doing any real campaigning, or spending any money at all, to get his name out, and yet he won, by a large percentage.

And then he goes off on some truly odd simi rant on Korea, losing everybody. Like I said, curiouser and curiouser!

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b said...

David Brooks joked yesterday on NPR that he won because he *didn't campaign and because people confused him with Al Green. Can't wait to learn more about this.