Saturday, April 9, 2011


Slow Cooker BBQ

I originally got this recipe from Dahn, but turns out that half the world does it. Easy as can be, Pork Shoulder on sale is cheap , everyone loves it ! You know the story, kitchen sink dump of veggies into your crock pot, generous seasoning clamp that lid and that afternoon, DINNER! It's like magic.
Well, today, I had an onion crisis. As a rule I buy the jumbo chef bag of onions every once in a while at Wegmans, but I am running low, so I bought a bag of red onions on sale across the street at our little Mendon Market of 1.25, what a bargain!
The price should have been a heads up, and they were all pretty much mush in the middle, appear to have been frozen at some point, so I just reached up into the cabinet and pour a jar of salsa over the raw pork .. and it was YUMMY! I had Wegmans Sante Fe Salsa on hand, but I am sure any would work. 

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