Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Getting into wind down mode - Thanksgiving is right around the corner - and this is the real deal poll. None of this AP / Coaches.. yadda yadda. This is for all the marbles.

This is not THE play off poll, this is THE play off poll this week, with three to go and all the Championship games . 

  1. Clemson
  3. Ohio State
  4. Notre Dame                                                                                                                              THIS IS ALL THAT MATTERS, these four - 5 and 6 could matter - if someone stumbles which could happen
  5. Iowa 
  6. Baylor
  7. Stanford
  8. Oklahoma State
  9. LSU
  10. Utah
  12. Oklahoma
  13. Michigan State
  14. Michigan
  15. TCU
  16. Florida State
  18. Northwestern
  19. UCLA
  20. Navy
  21. Memphis
  22. Temple
  23. North Carolina
  24. Houston
  25. Wisconsin

Clemson has Syracuse , Wake Forrest and a most hapless and coachless South Carolina on their schedule - with probably #23 North Carolina in the ACC play off. They should clean this slate.

Alabama has #17 Mississippi State, Charleston Southern and a rebuilding Auburn before meeting Florida in the SEC playoff in Atlanta. I dont see anything getting in their way after the beat down they put on LSU this past weekend.

Ohio State has the hardest part of its almost cupcake season coming up Illinois this weekend then #13 and #14 coming up with Michigan State and Michigan.. both good games. Iowa and Baylor with fingers crossed ( Clemson and Bama too, who would much rather face Iowa or Baylor ) Although a loss this late does not 100% drop you out of the 4.

Notre Dame. IS BACK - I guess, this one snuck up on me. They have Wake Forrest, then Boston College, and then in the biggest game left in this college football season face #7 Stanford Thanksgiving weekend... If anyone is going to drop out it will be the Irish after this one, and I bet Sanford would hop over Iowa and Baylor into the play off.

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