Saturday, November 7, 2015


Hobart and William Smith Colleges.

It is complex - but it is pretty much a mens college and a woman's college that share everything other than being in the same college , and like graduation or something, I have not been able to figure it out. We know a couple of people that work there including my really good pal Michael and also know some former students. It is a beautiful little campus about 40 miles away on Lake Senaca. They are also Episcopal Colleges - and I guess today was Episcopal Day 2015. 

They have been doing this for years, the husband of the nice couple that sort of arranges it all will be celebrating his 60th Hobart reunion next year - so its been going on for a bit, we have just never gone until this year. I am guessing I did not want to miss the UGA game...

A very nice day for it, cooler than it has been for the last few record setting days, but still very mild for this far not in November.

Everyone brought things to pass - we got there a little late, and everyone had mostly eaten, but pretty standard tail gate things, chili and dips. I took deviled eggs and Pimento cheese sandwiches, because tailgate. Like they always do folks gobbled the eggs - and would not go bear the pimento cheese. I took 18 halves, because that is how many fit in my container - and I think only Neil and I touched them.

A little cloudy with the chance of some rain, but for the most part it held out - i was only wearing  a sweater an was just fine.
I dont think you needed a ticket - no one asked me - Michael just showed his id - I just walked right on in . ( and fyi - you could , I think take anything you wanted, we did not, but the single guy at the gate did not look or check anyone )

yeah, high school football stadiums in the south are bigger, but again this is TINY college football. Like tiny house hunters, but different.
It was their last home game of the season, and senior day - everyone was in a  good mood and friendly.

They are the Hobart Statesman, the William Smith teams are the Herons - and yes, this guy, who was/is a student of Michael's game me a mild freak out - I do not like the mascot types....The young women were playing field hockey right behind the football game- and I believe won their district / group while we were at this game.

Non televised football goes by really fast, which was a good, because there were a few raindrops and it seemed to get a little colder as the day wore on.

They were playing the St. Lawrence Saints from way up north on the water way - there were a whole lot of their fans there - and they were vocal. But good natured
The clouds went away by the end of the game

Hobart ended up winning the game in a most exciting fashion with only a couple of seconds left to play. We were all very into it, lots of cheering and spelling of the school. There were no band or cheerleaders ...

It really was a whole lot of fun, and I hope to do more of it next year . Sorry I waited so long to go !

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