Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Things are starting to wind down now - the concrete of the 2015 college football season starting to set. This really should be how things look come New Years Eve - when the two play off games will be played at the Orange Bowl ( Miami ) and the Cotton Bowl ( Dallas ).

So right now it is Clemson v Notre Dame in the Orange Bowl - AND Clemson has already beat them this season. How crazy is that. October 3rd, 24 - 22. The closest game that the Tigers played this season. Wake Forrest this week, a sinking fast South Carolina Thanksgiving weekend. NC in the ACC Championship. Alabama v Ohio State in high cotton.

I have not watched Ohio State or Notre Dame this year, but I did watch Alabama destroy LSU and their Heisman guy. The SC Tiger Nation had better hope that they were a little sleepy from the travel this past weekend in Syracuse , because the team that I watched  play would go down in flames to the Crimson Tide.

Alabama has a cup cake game and then the IRON BOWL - which, just like Florida for us, can never ever be ruled out as a gimme. Weird things happen. ( that said, its should be a gimme for the Tide )

All of Iowa is wearing Sparty Green right now, as one loss #9 Michigan State at last makes their way to Columbus for the Buckeyes ONLY game of the years so far. Would a one loss Ohio State make way for the undefeated Iowas ? I am not at all sure, especially with Alabama sitting at #2.

Notre Dame has Boston College - the battle of the Catholics, with Sanford waiting for Turkey day ( again Iowa and Oklahoma State dresses as trees )

5. Iowa
6. Oklahoma State
7. Oklahoma
9. Michigan State
10. Baylor
11. Stanford
12. Michigan
13. Utah
14. Florida State
15. LSU
16. Navy
17. North Carolina
18. TCU
19. Houston
20. Northwestern
21. Memphis
23. Oregon
24. USC
25. Wisconsin

Slim pickings for the one dominate SEC - but we cannibalize our own.

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