Sunday, November 15, 2015

Through the Looking Glass

A couple of years ago my good pal Chip, who is as die hard a Clemson fan as you will find and a pal of his came up here for the Clemson Syracuse - and for reasons that I will never understand stayed in Buffalo.

They stopped by here for a visit, and I do think that then and there we made plans for them to come back up here when the game happened again in two years. Well that was this past weekend. Chip , his same pal , Buster, and Buster's husband Lee all made the trip up from Atl to cheer on their beloved Tigers and were sweet enough to get tickets for Neil and I as well.

A pretty cloudy Saturday morning, the possibly of some showers, but no one cared, SYRACUSE plays indoor football!  I had  never been to Syracuse campus, only driven through the town. It is small by SEC standards, but they were having some compact fun. 

There was defiantly a college feel to the place, that universal sense of tailgating on Saturday mornings - A LOT OF ORANGE for this Bulldawg, but I was in for a penny , in for a pound. We were looking for somewhere to get a bite to eat before the game, but the little college village was just packed, as it should have been , and just ended up in some fun little college bar - that was pretty much full of Clemson folk!

 I could not bring myself to wear any outwardly orange - but did wear an orange t-shirt under my shirt.
 We ended up having a really nice time in this little beer soaked Fratty type bar - it had been many many years for me. It was like riding a bicycle.

 The Carrier dome is up on a big hill, along with this beautiful building - no idea what it was.
 My very first legal beer at a non bowl game . 

This is a very small stadium by the standards that I am accounts to, but it still had a very college/ spirited atmosphere. We were in the Clemson section, and it really did not look to be sold out - but the kids were having a good time. The Clemson folk around us were happy...

 Me and Chip
 Neil stayed true to our school wearing a UGA shirt under his sweatshirt - in Clemson colors!

 It was a closer game that I think the Tiger faithful wanted it to be, but in the end the visitors won
37 - 27.

 I have to say that I had a great time - yes, at a Clemson game. I have been away from this for too long. It was good to be home - even if home was a double orange game....
We came home, took care of Koda then went out for a sort of late night supper, a most fun day and many many thanks to our guests for making it all happen

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