Thursday, November 19, 2015


( #1 I dislike going to afternoon movies and coming out into the dark - life in Winter )

I am a big Bond fan, and every gay man in the world is a Daniel Craig fan - that said....

Bond, James Bond - phoned, phoned in. Not Craig himself , he is what 2015 James Bond is supposed to be - what he as always been and is good at it. And on paper this one had everything you want in a Bond film, great opening action sequence, a car chase, him in a tux ordering a vodka martini - M, Q, Moneypenny - lots of explosions, everything. EXCEPT a spy story - there is none, zero, nada. It really felt like they are getting ready for a big re-boot. This one seemed to be laying down some good foundation.. with a pay off later on.

But it was enjoyable, just not a top tier 007 movie, by any means. Song was a bit weak as well, but coming home and watching more its growing on me. It is hard to follow Adele and Skyfall.

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