Sunday, October 2, 2016


I really wanted to see this play when it was on Broadway, it won best play in 2015 - mainly because it just seemed so different, which it is.

High summer, while we were at Pompanuck , David and Neil were talking about it and Neil, knowing I wanted to see it asked me if OCT 1 was good for me. Today was Sunday, Im pretty sure tomorrow will be Monday. We play South Carolina this weekend, the election is in 36 days. That is pretty much it as far as me knowing dates goes. So, " sure, October 1st was just fine", in August .

Some mild panic, not trusting out tv to record things properly, but darn happy that we did. This is just an amazing play, that if it comes to your area on this tour, try and see it. Ninth time Wicked is in town, or the never ending Jersey Boys, you can pass on, this one work at going.

It is something brand new - which is just impossibly rare, truly something you have not seen before. Minimalist to the point of bare stage, letting high tech and built in wall to wall screens ( which double as closets, doors and cabinets )do most of the work . You are fully immersed in the brain of a 15 yo young man, with lots of issues. He is autistic,  a savant , but highly dysfunctional. And he has a quest.

Gosh, Kyle, that sounds like loads of fun. You are just going to have to trust me on this one. We both, all four, we were with Dahn and David, loved it. This is a really good cast on the tour as well , which helps. Again, try and see this one, fine for older kids - something disturbing happens off stage, you can figure out from the title what that is.. but if did not bother me, you will be fine as well.

It is very English , a tad of which can take a min to get used to, 
and you need to know what an A LEVEL is...

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