Monday, October 31, 2016

The Streak Goes On

Happy  Halloween !

Neil being Neil, our front hedge is covered in blinking orange and green lights and there are a couple of those .. moving spot light things casting creepy light patterns on our house. Also, some speakers playing Halloween songs and sounds. Go big or go home ( yes, I am a little frighted of Christmas already ) 

So, with out light and sound show in full view, I thought that like Linus : THIS WOULD BE THE YEAR! The little Spidermens , Batmans, Princesses and assorted ghouls would make it to our door. I went across the street and picked from the rag tag selection of candy left at four pm Halloween afternoon. But like Charlie Brown the football is pulled from me and no one came again.

Its not even that big of a deal, truthfully  I  would be all uneasy holding back the just woke up dog and doling out M&M's to strangers, but " tis the season " and all.

There really are just not that many real houses here - and there are crowded neighborhoods all around us - I'm sure that is where they all go. Or into the big city of Honeoye Falls - lots of houses close by there as well.

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