Friday, October 28, 2016


The Best Laid Plans.

 Neil had a meeting in Albany on Tuesday. 

We decided to all go - a night in a hotel in Albany, down to Ct to see a good friend, maybe a trip into NYC to see a show, maybe stop and say hello to the folks in Western Mass. Free as a Breeze. We got up and out at a good time for us. About 30 minutes out of Albany, Neil's cell phone rings - " oh yeah hey, that meeting is canceled - hope its not a bother "....

OK, day one down the tubes, good thing Neil had not taken the train. On to our pal in Connecticut a day early! Good to see her - a very chill house. Good food, nice conversation - did not turn on the tv or check 538 ten times an hour. Just decided to stay there for the entire time..
Took care of her daughters dog, and another dog pal - here they are waiting out side a pizza shop for some meatballs - something they do often.

 Koda, Maxie and Dudley

 A killer wedge salad - she is a really good cook, but my photos did not come out

 Lovely Weather

 Pumpkins, always pumpkins

 Stew Leonards - their pumpkins come with a hay ride! 
Plans to come home Thursday - woke up to some pretty decent snow - and the thing was , between us and Mendon was a whole lot of early snow and some sleet freezing rain - ONE extra day there

 This is all early in the morning, it kept coming down, but really was not that bad here, at all

 Just had one more day of relaxation

Some snow day Chinese Take Out 

Got up this morning to a lovely, ( but windy! ) day, glad we made the decision to wait a day, the drive home was just lovely. Downstate and Conn, are all past peak leaf wise, but it was still very pretty.

Stopped at Stew's for some bagels for the ride home

It was just very nice to have this little mini break - I had worked myself into a state ... we get in the car ready to head home, all refreshed psyched for the coming week and a half and BOOM! Email, the return ....

Welcome freak out , Fahoo Fores 

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