Monday, October 31, 2016


A couple of dinners from over the weekend .

or since it was Ga / Fla


three Guinness roux

 The early snow storm of Thursday gave way to shorts weather come Saturday , but I was still craving something warm and did not want chili. This was a great choice. I had not made gumbo in a good long time, so I checked with a recipe and found one that I did like.

Followed the recipe for the most part, other than adding carrots and more garlic, which I always do as well. Use any smoked sausage, I used some pretty good smoked cooked chroizo, worked just fine, but really kielbasa works just as well. I dont think I used as much chicken stock.. just use as much as you want, depending on how thick you like your gumbo. I used a whole box and a little water. One bag of frozen okra, and I really like the trick of doing it in two batches, adds some good color.  Did not have any file...

Do try this recipe, the only hard part at all is standing over the pot for a half hour or so stirring your roux.


Seared and Roasted Lamb Chops
Mashed Potatoes
Sugar Snap Peas
Roasted Honeynut Squash

The meat department at my second favorite grocery store Stew Leonards is just amazing - and a bit cheaper than Wegmans. Im not being unfaithful its a very sort of apples and oranges thing. Got a butch of these , well eight, nice thick chops. Marinated them all morning / day in olive oil, garlic ,salt pepper , lemon and the remains of some close to failed deviled eggs from the morning, celery and onion . Seared them in a hot griddle pan and into a hot 400ยบ oven for ... 10 min is ... go with how well or rare you like your lamb.

These honey nut squashes are in full season right now - if you see them do give them a try. They look like little rich colored butternuts but in miniature form. Peel and seed, chop , toss with tiny bit of oil salt and pepper. I sliced an orange and tossed with the chucks, and added the slightest drizzle of honey. Cooked in a foil packed for 20 - 30 min in the same hot oven the lamb was cooking. VERY GOOD....

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