Saturday, October 29, 2016


24 - 10

Make that three in a row - not that it was not expected, I mean we did lose to Vandy two weeks ago, but still not a whole lot of fun to watch. Our qb has an arm - we just have no one to protect him or open holes for the pride of Chubbtown.

Four and Four overall - two and four in the SEC. Now everyone all at once : " Nick Saben lost to some woman's college his first year at Alabama ". Actually it was Louisiana Monroe , and we beat them as well that same year.

Time, time, time .. just seems like the Bulldawg Nation has been on the outside looking in for so very long. I was all the jealous tonight watching the Clempson / FSU game - jealous of my pals who went to both schools. They appear to be having so much fun.

The suddenly surging Kentucky Wildcats ahead of us, sitting on a three game winning streak and looking pretty good. For this weekend the word rebuilding is almost as horrible as the word eMail ....

Not that I dont bleed red and black and all that, like I said, it just seems that other folks are having more fun than we are, and that is just never a good thing.

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