Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Lights Out

The lights went out for the last time at Turner Field this past Sunday. The Braves did win a pitchers duel 1-0 against the Detroit Tigers. I dont know when the shell of the park will become the home of the Georgia State football team, but I think it will be soon, even next season.

Several pals were at the game, filling up Facebook with their photos - it was a beautiful day. Lots of pomp - the Braves rolled out an all start team of former players that had specifically played there in The Ted. ( I asked one pal why Dale Murphy had not been one of the chosen all stars, and it was because he played across the parking lot in Atlanta Fulton Co, not this on. Chipper, Javy, Andrew Jones, Brian Jordan all standing at their positions beside the current Brave. Dancing with the one what took them Maddox, Glavin and Smoltz all on the pitches mound the power triumvirate that owned so many of the NL batters for so long. The full on America's team on nightly on TBS, everywhere.

When it was all over they put Hank Aaron in a car with the home plate and drove the 7, 6, 5, 4000 miles up 75 to place the diamond there at Sun Trust. Life goes on , the great Cobbco Mall of baseball has come to fruition. At this point you have to wish them luck. Seems horrible to me, but what the hell do I know, and I live 1000 miles away.

Back in Atlanta the site will soon be a fully realized happy functioning college campus which will bring so much life to that area, in the long run much more of what it needed. But it is still sad. Everyone knows how I feel about the change.

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