Sunday, October 9, 2016

Game Six

28 -14

Gosh, is it really possible that it was only eight days since the Tennessee game - seems like that was ages ago. A day late and hopefully  not a dollar short, the University of Georgia Bulldawgs made the short ride up to Columbia , South Carolina to face the fightin' Gamecocks. Hurricane Matthew pushed the game back a full day, college football on Sunday. What with the sort of holiday tomorrow - I will not know what day it is until next Saturday.

The storm headed up towards the mid Atlantic leaving Columbia what looked like a perfectly lovely early fall day. 30 min pre game one fb page I follow showed an almost empty Williams Brice stadium - but filled up pretty quickly, looked normal as the game got under way.

We came out swinging with the return of Nick Chub, 7-0 before I could even get settled in. Neil was not here for the first part , just me and Koda, so no tailgate. We had our running game back but our freshman phenom of a qb was just not with us today . Jacob Eason just could not get his long game down, and just seemed off balance. Im going to go as a west coast boy he was a little jittery from baby's first hurricane and that was that... we will be fine by JAX. 

Some lingering ptsd from THE PASS so a late 4th quarter attempt to rally by SC was a little unnerving, but did not come to pass, the end game onside kick was run back for a touchdown.. and the game.

Next week VANDY, then a week off and then Florida. Last weeks hatedvols went down in a GOOD yet wackadoo game to Texas A&M , so the only two SEC unbeaten teams are Alabama and that same A&M. They meet in two weeks at Bryant Denny after going up to Knoxville for their annual game.

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