Saturday, October 15, 2016


Epic, Epic Fail.

17 - 16

Homecoming 2016 at UGA!

Look at these two adorable young people, all full of pride and future - just crowned UGA Homecoming King and Queen ! They had no idea what a sad turn their shiny new reign would soon take. The Bulldawg Nation that gathered tween' the hedges had barely put down their pre noon bloody mary's and got to their seats before The Vanderbilt Commodores had scored, running back the opening kick off 95 yards and scoring on the next play. 7 - 0.

Well we just were not set up yet, silly old Vandy - that will be that, now we can get on with our Homecoming game. Just look at all the fun old cheerleaders who have gathered for the occasion

" where should we have dinner after the game....."

That made really good on the math SAT Vandy defense held us to only three points in the first quarter , but hey! unlike the last couple of weeks Rodrigo Blankenship got a ball through the uprights , reason to celebrate. 7-3 starting the second. No need to worry, yes we are playing like there are multiple kegs on the sideline - but its Homecoming! It's Vandy ,things will be fine,.

 "I wonder if my black shirt is clean" .....7-6 going into the half. Not to worry, its Vandy and everyone knows that we are a second half team....

Start of the third quarter freshman phoneme Jacob Eason lobs a 17 yard pass to put UGA up 13 - 10 , ( with Blankship getting an extra point! ) Things are back to normal.. Homecoming , Vandy.. Cindy Wilson and Vanessa Briscoe at the 40 Watt tonight ( no really they were , together - its 1982 all over again ).. lets get this 4th quarter out of the way and get on with things....

 Vandy D holds us yet again, but good old Blankenship comes through  with a 36!!!!!! yarder and its 16 - 10 - lets start gathering out things... Vanderbilt caps off a long possession with 7 going up one point, but there are ages left on the clock, and it really, would have been rude to the poor little visitors from Nashville to not let them have the lead one more time.. lets finish this off. Tick tick tick.. it got late.

A few minutes left on the clock, Eason moving the ball got a crucial 4th and 1.. and away we go - except we come on on yet another 4th and 1 with 90 seconds left in the game to get us in field goal range ( Rodrigo is on fire today and will be the hero of Homecoming '16 ) It is Vandy....

And with Nick Chubb on the field, part of the play, ready to go... we give the ball to.. hell I dont know, one of the cheerleaders in the photo up there and dont get our 1st down. 

In the entirety of my lifetime the Vanderbilt Commodores have beat us 5 times and tied us once. Make that six after today. No joy in the Classic City, dancing in the streets in Music City. Just damn. 
Looking ahead to Jax ?  Not with a bi week on its way. Overlooking Vandy.. a real possibility, but I had watched a couple of their games this year. They totally went toe to toe with South Carolina and held Florida to 13 points, but did lose both. So who knows what the heck it was. 

Of corse the Richtbots were out in force after the game .. SEE SEE! We never should have got rid of the Saintly one. You know if I had looked deeper than I wanted there would have been some FIRE SMARTs somewhere in the inter webs. But it was what it was - we are in a rebuilding year, maybe couple of years. 

It does not help that Athens is smack dab in the middle of the number 1 and number 3 teams in the country, Alabama looked ready to play tomorrow today but Clempson had to go to OT with NC State today. ( #2 Ohio State also had to go to OT with Wisconsin ) Back to hoping for a  win in Jax to save a sad season, or God Forbid having to pull out a win on the Flats in Atlanta to salvage a tragic one.

The more things change.

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