Saturday, October 8, 2016

A Queenless Homecoming

The University of Rochester. A fine outstanding place of higher learning , where our good pal David teaches the next generation of OBGYN's ( there could have been a theme to this weekend. I just dont know that much about the U of R.. even though I do know several folks that work there. Sans sports my interest in college in 2016 is pretty limited. So, I had never even been over to this campus before , was not even 100% sure where it was. 

I did find out very quickly on Friday that this school REALLY likes its homecoming. Called MELIROA WEEKEND.. its like nothing I had ever seen before. Literally, dozens and dozens of events over the long weekend, with the Saturday afternoon football game being as asterisk at best.
From what I could see , different groups all have big parties/ dinners and then there are many many campus wide events. It really is just a huge to do.

David very sweetly asked us to come along with him to some of the highlights these last few days.

We started off Friday afternoon with a talk from a Dean of something ( and also a professor of Jazz History ) and KEN BURNS! Yes, Mary Chestnuts favorite film maker, the darling of all watchers of PBS, that KEN BURNS. Live and in person. The topic of the discussing was the state of RACE in America. Which sounds .. well, a not so great way to spend a most beautiful Friday afternoon, but this was just fascinating.

Different clips from his films opened each of the different topics covered, and both the gentleman were just so passionate and engaging that the almost two hours just flew bye. It really was a great conversation. We saw him getting in his car on the way out and he yelled " VOTE! " to us.

 Afterwards there was a lovely open bar , loads of snacks reception for those with the right badge, that we did have ( thank you again , David! )

 The theme was lemons, Im not really sure why. A lemon specialty cocktail and lots of lemons all around. Pretty good food, an appetizer buffet and then passed bites.

 Loads of sweets as well...

Then we had to come home for a bit to take care of Koda, but back that night to a really good sort of AC CAPELLA OFF, from all the different accapella groups there on the campus. I did not take any pics, because we were up close and the kids were just singing their little hearts out, it was most enjoyable.

There were just tons of other things going on that night all around the campus. Really more than you could keep up with , this weekend would take some hard core planning.

Then this morning, up and out early to hit up this most fancy breakfast deal, with speeches and really good food, which I took weak photos of, because people were talking, and all. Big juice and coffee bar and then sort of a standard breakfast, but with loads of good fruit.

 Then the highlight of the weekend, or at least equal billing with Mr Burns. MSNBC's Morning Joes' Joe Scarboro and Mika Brzezinski! ( who may or may not be totally doing it - depends on who you ask ) I was hooked on this show for the longest time. Still watch when I'm up that early. Both more attractive in person. He is very tall.

 It was a very nice chat they did, parts of it were a bit overly rehearsed and scripted, like they do this often - but come on, we got to get Joe and Mika thoughts the morning after Donald Trump made the New York Times put the word pussy above the fold on the front page. GREAT TIMING

 really big crowd

 They riffed on politics and life, she telling some great stories about growing up with her famous dad in 70's Washington. Lots on the election , Im sure one of the few times they speak to an overwhelming Democratic audience ( they asked for a show of hands )

There were more things this afternoon but we had to come home, Neil had some work to do, but really it was a most fun couple of days, so happy that our friends included us. And again, this school REALLY likes its non homecoming.

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