Monday, May 17, 2010

Dirty Queers

From the Minnesota Independent , by way of J.M.G., we start our week off with this little nugget of good old fashion Christian compassion :
"Citing his support for “traditional marriage,” Gov. Tim Pawlenty vetoed a bill on Saturday that would allow a surviving same-sex partner to sue to recover damages in the case of wrongful death and to execute a deceased partner’s funeral wishes. Sen. Scott Dibble, DFL-Minneapolis, called the veto “partisan extremism,” and Project 515 said Pawlenty got his “facts wrong.” Pawlenty said the bill “addresses a nonexistent problem” saying that same-sex couple must simply draw up the appropriate paperwork. He also said that a “surviving domestic partner” should not be “afforded the same legal recognition” as a spouse."
Keep reading if you want too, but it is all the same old right wing bullshit. A couple is together for lets say, 45 years, one sadly dies , and a sibling , that has hated you from day one gets to step in as next of kin and denies you any and everything... even the how, where and when of your spouses burial. 2010 people......
I guess Governor Pawlenty did not get the memo that the GOP has moved on from the gays and now hates brown people. Minnesota does lag behind a little bit, or maybe there just are not enough Mexicans there .

As we get closer to 2012, and somebody, anybody wants to steal ANY of Sister Sarah's thunder they are going to have to go more and more and more and more right wing nut job crazy.

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