Thursday, May 6, 2010


All of you many many long time readers of the k+b know about the nefarious plot to keep me out of the MEMORIES OF WINDER facebook photo page. Every single member of my family, my extended family and pretty much everyone I ever knew made it onto the hallowed pages.
Yesterdays post had my junior prom date doing something... just to rub my nose in it. I made a comment. " Sure, Kathy Haley, but what about Kyle!". Today the waters have parted, the Mets win in '69, and Marisa Tomei has an Oscar.

I made the group!

At first I came across this picture , which is pretty much everyone that I went to high school with, I do believe that this is my entire Senior Class, I could be wrong.. OH, except you know, I have been somehow left out! ( what the hell was up with Van's hair ?? )
BUT! LOOK! a few more clicks and we come to this! I have no idea what this picture was for, or even who the girl beside me even is. I was very happy to be having my picture made in front of old Mrs. Smith, who was like 200 years old if she was a day, and to the best of my recollection, I never even had her as a teacher, but who cares! ME!, and my goofy smile and a whole head full of very unruly hair made the cut!


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Kyle said...

A fashion addendum: the young lady, second from the left, front row, her name was Anne something... is wearing those wooden Dr. Shoals shoes, that all the girls wore, and made SO DAMN MUCH NOISE going down the hard linoleum floors....