Friday, January 14, 2011

Kyle and Neil are Scabs!

 (And we did have such a good track record with unions!)

We are terrible, horrible, no good , very bad people because we have been watching first run bootleg movies all day long. Yes!  We alone are causing the down fall of Hollywood by stealing intellectual property. But it is very cold out, with LOTS of snow..... and, I do feel bad, I mean, not bad enough to not watch the stolen movies, but still bad, sort of. OK, not really at all, but I just wanted to put this out there...


Starts Sunday with the Golden Globes and we did want to be caught up. Very good red carpet for the Globes, movie and tv and all, but I won't know any of the tv people, and they do try and skew young.

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The Black Swan

  • When the movie ended , I just hated it, but then it sort of settled in on me, and I did like the over all story, and for what it was worth , in a movie that I was not really fond of, it was a very good job by Natalie Portman. I just did not care for this director, at all.. to jumpy, to art for arts sake and vey sophomoric sexual crap. No explanations, and no way for us to feel sorry for the main character going all crazy.. because they never let us see her NOT crazy. Story and concept good, excitution bad. Cost zippo to make and is raking in the money....

  • I just do not like westerns, or at least movies this western, so it was not going to be a winner from the git go. Thought the girl , Hailee Steinfeld was very good in her part, and did like the stilted language. Thought Jeff Bridges was over the top and Matt Damon pretty to look at, but not really there. Just not my cup of tea.
The Social Network
  • Shock of shocks, big ole Anglophile is rootin' for this movie to walk away with Oscar this year.. IF ONLY FOR THE  VERY ENDING! As I posted on facebook , the movie starts with some girl and Mr. Zuckerburg sitting in a bar talking, sort of on a date and I was all : " JUST MARRY HIM!.. all those lovely zeros ....I knew nothing at all about the founding of facebook other than it did start at Harvard. Just seemed so interesting and a little Escher-esque, to be watching a movie about the Facebook, while on facebook.....

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